Brass Hardware Parts

Brass Door Knockers

Our fancy door knocker is also available in three sizes - 3", 4" & 6" with Brass Buff polish. Brass Dull finish, it gives wonderful appearance of your Main door entrance.

Brass Cabinet Knobs

Large range of "Brass Knobs" is available with different colours, shades and Style with Brass Buff Polish, Chrome Plated, lacquered or with Color & Gold Plating. Full range available from 3/4”, 1", 1¼" & 1½"  

Brass Drawer Pulls

Our premium quality Brass Drawer Pulls are produced by the “Sand Casting” and excellent example of craftsmanship.  Available with Simple & Fancy Look with Gold Platting or Buff police Finishing.

Brass Door Hinges

We can offer wide range of Door Hinges Like Butt Hinges, Parliament Hinges, Railway Hinges With Thickness 3mm To 4mm, Fancy Type Hinges With Bearings & Washers, bearing hinges with flat tip, reflex Hinges, “L” Type Hinges, “H” Type Hinges, Right Angle Hinges

Brass Door Handles

All Handles can be available from 3" to 12”. Diameter can be varied from 1/4" to 1" as per customer’s specification. Brass, Chrome, Gold Plating & lacquered Polishes are available.

Brass Pipe Handles

We offer best quality Brass Pipe Handles. We can supply different types of Brass Pipe Handles with the various Attractive Pattern ,you can have a choice of thousands of colors, shades & Syles.

This handle starts from 3" and upto 18". Rod Diameter varies from 3/8" to 1 1/2"


Brass Glass Bracket & Glass Fittings

It is more meaningful to use Glass Brackets to hold the glass in Show case etc. instead of using sections it looks very descent and it requires very little space to hold the glass. We are here to serve you with wide range of Glass Brackets. Different shapes and designs are available

Brass Tower Bolts

Brass Latches

Brass Aldrops & Tadi

Brass Conceal Bolts

Brass Fancy Hangers

Brass Gate Hook & Other Hardwares

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